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Hello buyers!

I'm a Concept Artist, Illustrator, and Character Artist. My field of work specialty are in Character Design and Illustration.

Started as a hobbyist for the last 5 years, and started a year ago for a more professional work.

My previous work experiences are Character Design, Concept Art, Fan Arts, Original Characters and Illustration. Mostly my genres are Fantasy And Science Fictions.

If the slot thumbnail / preview image was not convincing enough, please visit my Instagram where my recent arworks are posted, or my Artstation to get a more idea of my personal projects and some selected of my previous commissions.

Please contact me for briefing and price agreement, most of the time my price is the same as my slots, but it depends if your characters has complex design.

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  • Detailed Full Body
  • Bust Up Illustration
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  • Detailed NSFW Full Body
  • Cell Shaded Characters
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