full body shot scene coloring
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full body shot scene coloring

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create your character in this way of coloring and lineart

note: this artstyle doesnt consist of too much heavy shadow and
hight light more on light gradient coloring
as you can see in sample what the difference of this i emphasize
the scenery scene of background in a wonderful way
or what you so called "drama" effect.

characater placement :
in this the shot
you just need to choose
is it a fullbody shot shown or just bustup shot
but yeah any shot will do no restriction with it even if in perspective views

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 20 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 08 2020

Absolutely phenomenal artwork! The artist was very kind and patient.


January 07 2020

Amazing as always! They work very fast, are extremely nice and open to changes, and their art style is nice. I definitely recommend them. ^^


January 06 2020

Great and fast service! Will continue to commission them


January 05 2020

Amazing as always, need I say more? They're basically my favorite artist on this website, and I plan to keep going to them for art for my fanfiction since their style fits it very well-- I definitely recommend them, their art is great- and they get it done so fast! ^^


January 03 2020

Wonderful to work with, as always!


December 22 2019

Amazing work as always, happy for any changes and very quick. Could not recommend a better artist.


December 19 2019

Gorgeous artwork, friendly and quick!


December 17 2019

As always, very fast and very easy to work with! Beautiful art!


December 16 2019

Baprima was super responsive and fast, approving my request in about an hour and finishing the piece along with my requested changes in under 24 hours! They showed their progress and asked for any changes to be made along the way, excellent service!


December 16 2019

Very nice and fast artist, very happy with their artwork ^w^

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