full body shot scene coloring
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full body shot scene coloring

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create your character in this way of coloring and lineart

note: this artstyle doesnt consist of too much heavy shadow and
hight light more on light gradient coloring
as you can see in sample what the difference of this i emphasize
the scenery scene of background in a wonderful way
or what you so called "drama" effect.

characater placement :
in this the shot
you just need to choose
is it a fullbody shot shown or just bustup shot
but yeah any shot will do no restriction with it even if in perspective views

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 16 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 11 2019

Amazing as always- they were very nice and open to changes. I provided them with a sketch of the placement of the characters that I wanted, and they drew exactly what I had in mind! Works fast, and the art is amazing. I'd always recommend them. ^^


November 09 2019

Quite literally one of the best, quickest, friendliest arist on here. Would highly recommend..


November 02 2019

very fast and great quality


October 31 2019

I was in a rush with this commission- I was super short notice and asked for it to be done as soon as possible due to things that I did not expect to pop up. Even with how hasty I was, they were very kind and got it done within the next few hours- and the art is amazing like always. As I said in the past, I would recommend this artist first when referring to A/C to a friend. ^^


October 31 2019

Wow! Very quick turn around and awesome art! Thank you so much! I recommend this artist completely!


October 02 2019

Insanely quick work and incredible detail. Would recommend


September 30 2019

Amazing as always- they work very fast, the art is always amazing, and they're very kind! Like usual, I recommend them. ^^


September 29 2019

Very fast and easy to work with artist. Understood my descriptions quickly and realised the project in no-time. Would definitely recommend!


September 27 2019

Amazing as always! Works very fast, kind, and is also open to changes. I definitely recommend them, as I always do. ^^


September 23 2019

Amazing work as always. <3

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