Color Bust Realistic Detail
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Color Bust Realistic Detail

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OC REALISTIC coloring bust buy 1 get 1.

*Hi guys thanks for come and commiss me. This Buy 1 get 1 free Will closed until 10 jobs commissions and it Will be on the normal price after that. Im thinking for to do work more fast result for you and more productive, so ill limit this bonus in 10 commissions job. Thank u... Still bit slot, hope u who come here not Miss it! ^^

And maybe the progress took bit long depend on queue. If lucky it Will be fast, if there is many queue please be patient ^^.

  • Bonus is not permanent slot, it Will dissapear for the limit slot, and bonus Will be progress each after 3/5 commissions done.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 18 clients thus far.

client reviews


December 06 2020

It took longer than expected and I had to chase a few times for an update, but the end result was a beautiful piece and some of the final delay was due to issues with the site. As I wasn't in a rush, I was happy to wait a few months and happy with the results. The artist is very friendly and their art is beautiful.


December 05 2020

Awesome Awesome Awesome AwesomeAwesome awessssssssssommmmmmmmmmmmme!!!!!!!!


October 26 2020

Amazing work. Everytime I look at my commission I am blown away. Highly recommend :) I will totally get more art from them in the future!


October 18 2020

The artist has talent and their work is beautiful, wouldn't ever deny that. As is stated, expect to wait a while. It took about 4-5 months in this case. Very polite and receptive. Didn't follow references exactly, but enough for me to be happy. Would recommend to anyone who's looking for unique, quality work, and is also patient.


October 02 2020

Excellent work, hauntingly beautiful style! 10/10 would commission again!


September 27 2020

A wonderful and patient artist. I highly recommend commissioning!


September 23 2020

Very, very slow with little communication - impeccable art quality though


September 20 2020

Great work!


September 05 2020

Excellent quality work for a good price! Thank you!


September 01 2020

Astounding work, very nice person!

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