Semi realistic
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Semi realistic

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Designs: 2-$50
• Armor (little armor, full armor)
• Weapons (small, big/complex)
• Patterns (clothes: lace, leather, striped, tots)
• Accessories (small accessories, belts/crowns/ jewelry)
• Tattoos (thick tattoos, small intricate tattoos)
• Wings (simple wings, complex feathered wings)
• Simple: $5-10
• Medium: $10-40
• Complex: $40- $$
Private Commissions:
• Will not be posted on my social media and full ownership: +$40

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 7 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 27 2020

So, this is the third time for me to commission OneXArt. I am absolutely in love with her art-style and knew that I am going to make a great choice with entrusting her the design of a new character of mine. I really had not to do much except for giving her a good general idea about the character and some references and the rest was done by her amazing sense for how a character should turn out. I also once more learned, that I don't need to have every little detail in mind and that it is absolutely worth it to let her bring in her own ideas and suggestions on the character, which adds that little amazing extra flavour to the final result! The piece was finished within a week, which is super fast when considering that two things got changed during the progress and she, of course, has IRL responsebilities to take care of. What is left to say? Gonna get back to her for sure!


February 22 2020

Excellent artist. Really friendly and easy to work with, and very fast as well.


February 10 2020

This artist truly has a talent for seeing your vision of how you want your commission to be. Through great communication, a welcoming personality, and strategic planning, this artist went above and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be contacting OneXArt again for more pieces and hope that you take the opportunity to give him a chance as well. I absolutely have no complaints as this artist is well-versed in their talent and a kind soul. Thank you so much, OneXArt! <3


February 06 2020

If I could rate this artist more than 5 stars, I would! Fantastic finished product that far exceeded my expectations. Incredibly fast delivery. It was also just a pleasure to work with Naya. It was my first time commissioning anything, and she was wonderful in helping guide me to get all the thoughts out of my head. She was super accommodating with changes, and ensured that the final product was what I had been imagining. I’ll certainly be back to order again, and highly recommend.


January 26 2020

Amazing work, communicated very well, and was able to quickly complete a complex project with accuracy and amazing style


January 25 2020

Did really great work. Very friendly, very quick process, and it turned out awesome.


December 13 2019

The artist was absolutely fantastic to work with. They were receptive to what I asked for and what minor revisions I requested, and generally cared about what I desired to have done. I, without a doubt, recommend them.


September 13 2019

This artist was absolutely AMAZING to work with, so patient and kind with a woman that didn't know each and every detail she wanted (me). Throughout the process I was given previews and asked for input. It was done so much faster than I could have hoped, at a quality that I'm just astonished by! The preview doesn't do the sheer skill and amazing talent of the artist, or their kindness. I'm absolutely going to be coming back eventually for more art.


August 10 2019

This is the second time for me to work with OneXArt and once more I am absolutely amazed by her work. The art had been completed within an incredible short amount of time and daily updates|contact are making it super easy to have a pleasant progress. I will for sure commission this artist again at a time given and I highly recommend people to do so as well!


July 22 2019

It is not only important to point out that this one is a great artist, but also that the person behind the work is a lovely character one can definietly enjoy working with. OneXArt got a great sense for character building and the little details. It started with a few bits of information from my side and turned into a great piece that I`d for sure call 'perfection'`. It was the first commission for me and I made a great choice with entrusting the creation of my character to this artist and I highly recommend to others to try as well. Don't feel intimidated by the price, because you will quickly learn that every cent is well invested. I got daily updates and the whole thing was finished within such a short amount of time, I am still out of words. 10/10. Give this great artist a chance. She deserves it!

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