Shaded Character Sketch
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Shaded Character Sketch

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All available slots are currently reserved, sorry!

Shaded sketch. Colors will be applied with a gradient map, resulting in a monochrome look with subtle hue variation. You may choose a theme color if you'd like. Includes one revision.

bust ; $15 | halfbody ; $30 | fullbody ; $45

Prices have increased due to the 21% fee Artists & Clients charges for their services. For a 21% discount, please contact me on DeviantArt or at [email protected]

For more samples, please see my gallery.

For the best experience, please include the following when contacting me:

    Images preferred, but descriptions are acceptable. Body type, facial reference/race, and personality traits are helpful!

    static, frontal, portrait, 3/4, dynamic, "i want her casting a spell!", etc

    You may choose one theme color.

I will send periodic progress shots for approval.

I will not start working on your commission until payment is put up.

Personal/non-commercial use only.
Basically, you may not sell products with my art on them.

Please note I might not respond on weekends!


The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 7 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 27 2019

This was my first time commissioning a character, and Nyankoe was incredibly helpful throughout the process. Nyankoe was very helpful during the design process, listening to feedback and altering drafts as needed. Overall, the process was smooth, and the finished product looks absolutely amazing.


December 22 2018

I love Nyankoe so so much. Their attention to details, their imaginative take on what you've given to them in your references is astounding. The ability to renovate on the theme and idea you have to improve it and how well they communicate is positively remarkable. They've given me my favorite art piece. I will be coming back, and I'm already excited.


October 15 2018

Great art and good communication


October 12 2018

Amazing art, amazingly detailed questions, really great person. Will definitely hire again!


October 06 2018

Prompt & responsive to feedback and adjustment, a really warm and talented artist!


October 05 2018

Nyankoe was quick, responsive, and added more detail than I could have ever imagined into what I asked. I will definitely be commissioning them again!


October 04 2018

Quick and did a wonderful job!


October 03 2018

Such great work, i could not be happier. May even come back for seconds xD This artist is absolutely golden.


September 25 2018

Very helpful and extremely talented! Couldnt be happier with the final product


September 16 2018

The artist provided me with a fantastic product very quickly. They were communicative and understanding, and I plead with you to commission them!

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