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Not for commercial use?

Make original chara/do chara Design Fullbody Front + few expression, can add behind view tho +15$ ,

just gip me ref what chara u want looks like..


  • NSFW (bikini can)
  • Mecha, furry and chibi~


  • PSD file
  • Transparent Ver
  • Original commission Image

The files put in Gdrive after the job mark as completed

Me accept paypal payment tho if u want do comission in IG, discord or twitter..

  • please also pay the paypal fee uwu

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


March 19 2020

Their work is absolutely beautiful! Would totally recommend for shipping fanart!


March 17 2020

Did a very fine work of my characters. Was nice and (largely) receptive of feedback whenever messaged and provided regular updates.


November 27 2019

Very satisfied with what I got. Artist is really nice. Highly recommend.


November 26 2019

Yuri is quite a talented artist, listening to our feedback and adjusting properly. They did take quite a very long time but I think this was a reasonable exception since they had some IRL issues to hash out, we also did want a BG but is ok since time constraints, overall love their artstyle and would likely commision them again! ^_^


September 25 2019

This art was sooo good!! It took a bit but was worth the wait. Totally will commission again :)


September 20 2019

Amazing artist, delivered the commission with results that went beyond my expectations! A pleasure and will recommend to others!


September 10 2019

A very easy and flexible artist to work with and is very detailed with her work.


August 14 2019

A very polite and talented artist, was willing to do changes I had in mind with no problem and produced a stunning art piece! :D


July 02 2019

Adorable good work.


March 29 2019

Amazing artist! Super wonderful to work with

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