Character Design Refrence Sheet

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  • $ 40.00 base price
  • 1-2 weeks estimated turnaround
  • 1 / 2 available
Character Design Refrence Sheet
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 31 clients thus far.

Aizart describes this slot:

Character sheets -

1 Simple Shaded Full body illustration -frontal view
1 Simple Shaded Full body illustration -rear view
1 flat-colored profile half body
1 flat colored 3/4 turn half body
1 Close up of eye

1 Simple Shaded Full body illustration -frontal view
1 Simple Shaded Full body illustration -rear view
1 Simple Shaded Full body illustration -profile view
1 Close up of eye

*You can choose three/two expressions that will be used on the faces (or a happy, sad, angry set)

*Please provide which extras you want added in in your request

Available Extras
Alt Outfit $5 ea
Added Base $5 ea
Mini Cheeb $5
Custom Pose $3
Color Swatches $2
Clothing Detail /Items $2-$5 each
Weapons $5-$10
Shading add on for non shaded bases $5
Non Visual/Written References $5

Check out my artstation posts for examples of full sheets with weapons and extras =)


Renna writes:

Aizart was an absolute delight to work with and the art turned out amazing!

Jerdorth writes:

Wonderful and quick! Very responsive as well highly recommend!!!!!

pixelspeech writes:

I ordered a reference sheet for a character with no existing reference, so we had to puzzle together how it looked from pictures and my own written description. After a few adjustments, I got exactly the art I was hoping for.

MidiBless writes:

Quick artist, really professional but friendly - communicates and delivers a lovely product. 100/10, recommended highly.

The artist was absolutely wonderful, and willing to make changes no matter how major, and was very fast in making adjustments; they also update very fast, with no loss of quality. I would definitely work with them again.

NagasLight writes:

Amazing and easy to work with!

SapphiraNyx writes:

The artist was an absolute pleasure to work with! Very attentive to details and frequently updated throughout the process. The pieces came out wonderful and blew out expectations!

Satansenpai writes:

Absolutely wonderful artist. Brought to life my skeletal monster character, exceeding my expectations.

Blue_cloak writes:

Amazing Work and amazingly fast! would commission again

MoonShadowXV writes:

This artist was VERY communicative throughout the whole process and was happy to make changes to the reference as requested. Their quality of work is fantastic, and I really couldn't recommend them more!

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