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hello <3
looking for someone who can draw ur chara?
i can do it for you<3
pls do PM first before request a job 'kay~ <3<3

the prices start from :
Headshot : 10 usd
Half-Body : 18 usd
Fullbody : 25 usd

the BG will be simple basic color or no BG <3
for detailed BG will charge additional pay 5$ or depend on the difficulty <3

i won't draw:
-furry ( but just animal ears and tail are okay! )
-complicated armors
-muscled body

Canvas size: default is 2400x3200px
but i will reconsider your request!

just pm me and send me the reference image for what you want me to draw first<3

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 10 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 31 2020

Really happy with the finished product! Finished really fast and communicated very well. (?*>?<)???


July 20 2020

Very nice person, very patient, and was able to make all the changes I wanted.


July 15 2020

A wonderful and accommodating artist.


July 03 2020

Again, just amazing love the work!


June 29 2020

Such an amazing Artist. Will more than likely get another drawing again! <3


June 24 2020

AMAZING WORK!! Very responsive, quick, quality work. Easy to communicate with.


May 19 2020

Does an amazing job! Very polite and attentive to any changes may need, thank you yuuki so much! Will commission again love the way they draw


April 27 2020

Does such an amazing job! Will continue to commission!! Absolutely wonderful to work with and very polite


April 01 2020

mazing artist, did a wonderful job! Will commission in future again, very nice and polite and Drew exactly how I imagined it!


February 28 2020

Great to work with and does what I asked. Would recommend them.

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