Couple Portrait (One Colour)
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Couple Portrait (One Colour)

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This price is for a couple-character only
All samples here are my works from one-colour commission! you can check it in instagram with hashtag #resiqn_commission for more sample!

Simplified, not too many details unless specified.
Feel free to message me for inquiry or questions!

I also do draw Shoujo-ai, Shounen Ai and Ecchi (not hentai)

What you get :

  • Sketch portait
  • Sparkles colored eyes
  • Cute simple shaded
  • Simple background

Upon requesting, please tell me your specifications for the following:

  • Sample picture
  • Facial expression
  • Pose (not required)

Once accepted, I won't starting to do the commission unless in Paid Status.
Thank you ( *^^)b

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 25 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 13 2021

Very kind and talented! The process went very quickly, and the artist was willing to make needed adjustments.


December 05 2020

Amazing artwork from a lovely artist! Thank you so much.


December 04 2020

Again a pleasure to work with! I love how the picture turned out and I can't wait to commission them again! Communication was perfect :3 Would always recommend them!


October 19 2020

An utterly amazing piece from Resiqn! I completely adore their work and all the countless effort they place within their piece. Truly a work of beauty. I cannot express how happy they made me with the final product. If you are ever wanting to commission someone, I fully suggest that of Resiqn.


October 06 2020

Lovely art, and nice artist to work with!


September 12 2020

Absolutely wonderful and lovely to work with!!


September 07 2020

I'm so glad i found this awesome artist! So nice and friendly and the art is so pretty. I can't wait to commission again!


September 02 2020

As always, absolutely perfect with great attention to detail. Kindest and sweetest artist I had ever met!


August 24 2020

Resiqn is an amazing artist. I highly, highly recommend them. Hands down the best commission I have gotten from this site. Thank you so very much again, Resiqn. You won't be disappointed in this commissioner!!


August 08 2020

I've had a great experience with this artist. I actually messaged them prior to them opening a slot, and they let me know when it was open. From there, they proceeded to communicate very well with respect to the progress of the piece and delivered a very beautiful product. I'm really happy with the final piece and I'll be returning for another commission in the future.

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