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Hello there! My name is Requu aka Resiqn.
I'm a freelancer who do draw as hobby and work (๑>ᴗ<๑)

I also draw Shoujo-ai, Shounen-ai, Ecchi (not hentai)
For my another commission works you can check it here

Attention!! Due several reasons, I've closed & limit my slot
but don't worry! I still can do it for you!

If you're really interested, please feel free to massage me!
Give the description and which slot you're interested in and I will open the slot for you!

I'm always open! Feel free to message me for inquiry or questions!
I'm looking forward to working with you! Thank you (9`・ω・)9

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Top Positive Review

Very good results!! The picture was clear and beautiful in the end, and I received it quite quickly! The replies were also quite quick which I appreciated.

this artist so so sweet and the art work is so stunning!!! I highly recommend them <3

Love this artist ? such beautiful work

My friends absolutely adored the sketch they gave! While it was a little delayed due to life troubles, they followed through on their word with quality and a gorgeous commission.

Wonderful style, and very friendly. Took a little bit to finish, but it was worth the wait.

Top Critical Review

No Critical Review.
  • Couple Portrait (One Colour)
    Couple Portrait (One Colour)
    Closed 25
  • Couple Portrait (One Soft Colour)
    Couple Portrait (One Soft Colour)
    Closed 7
  • Couple Portrait (Soft Colour)
    Couple Portrait (Soft Colour)
    Sold out 6
  • Single Portrait (Soft Colour)
    Single Portrait (Soft Colour)
    Closed 5
  •  Single Portrait (One Colour)
    Single Portrait (One Colour)
    Closed 4
  • Fancy Couple à la Manhwa
    Fancy Couple à la Manhwa