Watercolor style Waist-up
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Watercolor style Waist-up

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Watercolor style Waist up starting from $30 with plain circle gradient background, possibly a few decorations/patterns. Will discuss an extra charge if the character is complex such as armor or the background has more details.

Additional character = +$20
Scenery background = +$22
Max of 3 characters

Full body is now available as an option. Base price is $40 with a plain circle gradient background.

Additional character = +$30
Scenery background = +$32
Max of 3 characters

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 3.6 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 85 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 10 2020

Quick, polite and with great communication. I was given great control over the result of the commission and the result was wonderful. I would highly recommend.


May 04 2020

Everything looks amazing!


April 27 2020

Although it took a bit of time to begin (I was warned I'd be on a waiting list) when it did finally come time for the art I was astounded at the ability to take the reference and blend them into a perfect, single piece. The coloring is beautifully shaded and followed exactly what I had in my mind. The artist is precise, professional, and concise. If you need a piece of art done, and Panda has a spot open - I'd HIGHLY recommend. Well worth the wait.


April 20 2020

Excellent work, very kind and fast to reply. Allowed me to do changes as we went through and very professional!


March 22 2020

Super cute!


March 08 2020

Lovely lovely lovely!


March 01 2020

PandaPow is a very patient artist, and very thorough. He will work with you so that you are satisfied with the finished piece. My original character which had no reference pictures, only descriptions, he managed to bring to life.


January 29 2020

I've commissioned Panda several times now and each time they blow me away with the results. =) Like always an absolute pleasure to work with.


January 21 2020

Always a wonderful artist to work with. Would highly recommend. Quality end results.


December 05 2019

Took a long time on the turnaround but great quality work!

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