Digital colored full body
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Digital colored full body

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  • a fully colored digital full body drawing in a semi realistic style
  • it will take 2-7 days
  • I'll be sending a sketch and WIP updates as I work on it
  • for commissioning please send me descriptions and/or reference images
  • changes are free and unlimited unless it is a very big change (for example changing the whole face at the end)
  • additional characters cost the same amount as one (for example 2 full body characters would be $9*2=$18)
  • If you'd like to tip:
  • Thank you :D

- I'm going to be raising all prices on the 22nd of this month, so all orders placed before and on the 21st of august will be priced by all the old prices.
- Also if you'd like more commission options and a better overview you can scroll through here:
- If you'd like an option that isn't offered as a slot on this site just let me know, besides the anime headshot since it's $2 and the minimum on this site is $5; for that one in particular contact me on my email or instagram DMs @latvinia

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 2.5 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 13 clients thus far.

client reviews


September 15 2019



September 14 2019

Highly recommend this artist. Worked on a long term project of multiple pieces with them and they have been cordial and made good work the entire time.


August 26 2019

Probably some of the best art I've ever received. Will recomend!


August 24 2019

Marvelous, an underrated artist who delivers spectacular work.


August 23 2019

Incredibly patient and understanding of changes I wanted made. Unbelievably fast and efficient to finish said changes and do everything they can to make sure you're satisfied. Love this artist, would commission again!


July 30 2019

Really great job with the art! Fast and responsive!


July 20 2019

Very good with response and revision! Would work with again!


July 19 2019

I absolutely adore Latvinia. They're such a kind person, and excellent to work with! Step by step WIPs, and a phenomenal finished product every time!


July 14 2019

Amazing artist with unbelievably low prices. Works very quickly, and works hard to make sure you get exactly what you want every step of the way. Extremely happy with my piece and would highly recommend!! I'll likely commission them again sometime if they don't mind. <3 Seriously a diamond in the rough!


July 12 2019

Great value, quick worker, pleasure to deal with!

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