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I can offer a portrait (head + neck + partial shoulders in bikini/t-shirt/wifebeater, can include mask/hat/glasses, but not include shoulderpads) in vivid, cartoony style balancing between semirealism and anime/comicbook (combination of soft and cell shading, direct lighting + colorful backlight). Background is "halo" type gradient with your choice of colors (example: black with red light behind character's head).

What I need from you:

  • visual reference of prefered head angle/facial expression/type of beauty/hairstyle/jewellery
  • (if applicable) screenshot of your character's customization (for video games characters)
  • your choice of colors (for skin/hair/eyes/makeup/jewels/background gradient)

All organic OC's are welcome (humans, elves, trolls, orcs, undead, vampires, worgen, khajit, argonians, anthro - if only I'll get a good referrence, I can draw everything except mecha/robots).

Best regards,


Axahox writes:

By the gods, why are you waiting to order ? DO IT. IT'S CRAZY.

Vennecca writes:

Amazing! So attentive to details in references. Very fast and an absolute darling artist. Such a great person and beautiful work.

Wirt writes:

Awesome work, very responsive. A lovely artist to work with!

MagicalPeach writes:

The artist was really friendly and easy-going, and really cooperative with the commission ^^ The commission came out better than I had thought!

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