full body+ BG
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full body+ BG

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take the slot if you want to risk your money
character and bg result will be almost the same as sample
what you see is what you get limited slot only

note: my design concept for this is little
consist of balance between the character and the background
no special effect added
just giving the essence of having a good and neat background
with a character that co exist on that world

characater placement :
in this the shot
you just need to choose
is it a fullbody shot shown or just bustup shot
but yeah any shot will do no restriction with it even if in perspective views


-additional 10$ if the background you want is complicated as the refferences given

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 9 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 03 2020

Lovely artist, didn't mind touching up a few mistakes. Was very polite and kind.


October 31 2020

So talented with very quick results! Love what I paid for and will definitely use them again!


October 26 2020

High qualitty


October 18 2020

A lovely piece made for me! Also amazing service and was super friendly, willing to work out whatever I had a complaint with.


October 18 2020

High quality at a affordable price


October 18 2020

Great as always.


October 14 2020

Very easy to work with and was very quick!


October 07 2020

The turn around on this project was fast and the end result was amazing. I will definitely be contacting them again for more work.


October 02 2020

Absolutely amazing! They followed my request so perfectly, and the art style lives up to the one portrayed! They immediately saw my character and her color scheme and truly made it look just like her! I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a friendly and talented artist to help them realize their vision! Thank you so much again!


September 27 2020

absolutely stunning work

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