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EDIT slot

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edit any images
for minor editing 8$

for minor editing:
your picture your drawing
your art the commision that failed

or my commission you forgot to said you want to edit then mark my commission to complete and many days already pass come on lets edit that your my client i dont like you to be sad

any minor editing and even txt changing
to the image

or anything etc...
just take the slot and lets discuss your problem

*for bg and color or additional characters add 15$

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 18 2019

Amazing work as always and always happy to do any changes


November 11 2019

Amazing as always- they were very nice and open to changes. I provided them with a sketch of the placement of the characters that I wanted, and they drew exactly what I had in mind! Works fast, and the art is amazing. I'd always recommend them. ^^


November 09 2019

Quite literally one of the best, quickest, friendliest arist on here. Would highly recommend..


November 02 2019

very fast and great quality


October 31 2019

I was in a rush with this commission- I was super short notice and asked for it to be done as soon as possible due to things that I did not expect to pop up. Even with how hasty I was, they were very kind and got it done within the next few hours- and the art is amazing like always. As I said in the past, I would recommend this artist first when referring to A/C to a friend. ^^


October 31 2019

Wow! Very quick turn around and awesome art! Thank you so much! I recommend this artist completely!


October 02 2019

Insanely quick work and incredible detail. Would recommend


September 30 2019

Amazing as always- they work very fast, the art is always amazing, and they're very kind! Like usual, I recommend them. ^^


September 29 2019

Very fast and easy to work with artist. Understood my descriptions quickly and realised the project in no-time. Would definitely recommend!


September 27 2019

Amazing as always! Works very fast, kind, and is also open to changes. I definitely recommend them, as I always do. ^^

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