Ching Ching Lee

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I'm an artist that generally draws in monochrome and achrome, though I can use colours too. I mostly draw in semi-realistic anime style, and I am only good at drawing females (though I can try males, just that I'm not as good)
I also draw wlw pairings insert rainbows here
I am open to drawing depressing stuff, which can include blood and gore.
I can also draw dragons and beasts, so if that's your stuff, you can always ask for one X)

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Top Positive Review

SaitheVivana is a highly talented artist who goes under the radar considering how much detail they put into their work. Their style is unique and really reminds me of something from the anime Claymore, they draw such powerful pieces that really capture the emotion. They were very easy to work with, if you ever commission them please don't let them overwork themselves and remind them to take a break! I really, really want to commission them again because I was that satisfied with what they produced for me. I definitely recommend their speed, attention to detail and communication.

SaitheVivana does not disappoint and is perfect for drawing your needs. They excel at dark pieces you may have that others may seem uncomfortable drawing they're fine with doing. Absolutely incredible stuff and I'll be back for me as long as they will keep taking in my requests!

Working with SaitheVivana was an absolute pleasure! She is extremely prompt and punctual with her replies, she values your time and her own time. Listens to indepth details and strives to deliver a good art piece. Her art is extremely detailed and well drawn, she obviously cares about what she's doing and I highly recommend her. I will definitely be commissioning her again very soon!

Saithe has done it again <3 Quality, speed, understanding, adjustments, I could go on and on and on but what I've said has already been said in my previous 2 ratings. She's totally worth it, great to work with. Nuff said.

Very friendly and interested in the lore of the characters they draw! 10/10, would commission again!

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  • Achrome Sketch (non-beast)
    Achrome Sketch (non-beast)
  • Coloured full body, simple bg
    Coloured full body, simple bg
  • Coloured bust, simple bg
    Coloured bust, simple bg
  • Coloured headshot, plain background
    Coloured headshot, plain background
  • Achrome Beast Sketch
    Achrome Beast Sketch
  • Coloured headshot, detailed lineart
    Coloured headshot, detailed lineart