Clean Lineart Full Body Character

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  • $ 22.00 base price
  • 7 Days estimated turnaround time
  • 1 / 1 available
Clean Lineart Full Body Character
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 27 clients thus far.

pillaridha describes this slot:

Hello, Welcome to my commission slot! ^^)/


Please, read these guides carefully ^^

  • Only one character per commission ( if you want additional character to drawn by me, you have to reorder from the same slot ).
  • No anthros. (i accept those with animal ears tho), Mechas, full armors, Furries, Muscular Males, Overly Old Character, and LGBT related content.
  • I will not begin work on the commission until it is marked as paid.
  • I accept any payment methods.

Please, as soon as you have started the commission slot, provide the following information.

  • Your alternative and active contact (discord, facebook, line, etc) *i cant count on email since there's people who cant be contacted via email
  • Your Character's Name
  • A full description or reference of your character. Any details left out will be improvised, which can be fun., uwu
  • Any additional physical features? (scars, tattoos, eyeglasses, freckles, ears, wings, ect.)
  • How are they treated by/treat other people?
  • How often do they genuinely smile?
  • If I were to ask them to wait for me in one place and was gone for over an hour, how would they respond?
  • the pose that you want for your character (*optional)

Thank You Very Much~ ^^


  • You can check the Queue and Progress Here: Queue & Progress
  • My Discord: Pillaridha#9341


Serkuos writes:

I'm absolutely happy with the art, it's really, really cool, and even better than what I first imagined! + There were many WIPs and stuff, I'm really, really satisfied! Thank you so much!

Zora writes:

A great artist with a great personality, I really love their style and will definitely be commissioning them again! ^^

ClosCall writes:

A pleasure to work with and an amazing person!

ZeroTwo001 writes:

The drawing is beautiful, it's just the making of took a month. It's totally worth it, but you gotta be patient!

Kittymoob writes:

Stunning work oh my lord, it was well worth the wait, artist really puts their heart and soul into every piece im so thankful for them! ill definitely buy again!

Mintytrina writes:

Beautiful work and excellent communication the whole way. :) Thank you!

_animatic writes:

High quality and fast!

TurboDuelistJay writes:

Cute and charming artwork! Excellent works. I highly recommend.

Joltout writes:

Really awesome work!

ZeroTwo001 writes:

Just amazing artwork, beautiful and amazing, fast, really understanding artist and did everything like I wanted. Totally recomend ! Will definitely commission again :D

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