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Inked Tolkien style fantasy map (greyscale only)
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So, you're a writer and you've got a world going on in your head and now you really wish you had a visual for it... a reference you can print and use in your book, on your webpage, on your business card... a map of what you created.

Awesome! I understand, you wouldn't believe how many maps I have. Maps are awesome. Let's get started. First, here's what I need (besides your money).

1) Sketch your map. It can be rough. You can just draw symbols like 1, 2, 3 for where things need to go if you're not an artist, or you can make a super detailed sketch, it's all up to you. (Alternatively, you can just tell me what kind of features you like and let me wing it.)

2) Write down the names of all of the places. If you used numbers to indicate where they are on the map, your legend should tell me what goes where. If you don't have names for everything I can make up filler names for you that fit your world's theme.

3) Tell me a little bit about your setting.
This gig is for one black and white map, either ink only in the classic fantasy novel style or with a grayscale texture (your choice!). This map cannot be larger than one continent. (You can order it multiple times if you want to patch multiple continents together.)

If you have a higher budget and want a more detailed, customized map with hand-drawn cities and one of a kind glyphs please see my other gigs!

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November 02 2022

Was a bit of a wait, but it was worth evwry second. Quality takes time, and they certainly deliver!

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