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Steampunk mad scientist who does fantasy art, comic colors, book covers, and cartography on the side. No wait, not on the side, this is the only thing that I do! Haha silly me.

I started my first comic, Between Places, in 2008 with a painted style, and my latest comic, Stargazer's Gate in 2013 with a slightly more distinct inked style. I'm certainly willing to take commissions in either style, or do colors, lettering and background work for comics.

I love to read and write fantasy and speculative fiction, especially if it mashes the lines together a little.


  • Fantasy continent map (mid-range edition)
    Closed 1
  • Standard Fantasy Map
  • Tolkien style fantasy map (full color, custom glyphs/multi continent)
    Closed 0
  • Parchment texture fantasy map (the budget brush stamped edition)
    Closed 0
  • Inked Tolkien style fantasy map (greyscale only)
    Closed 0

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