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Hello,I'm Soranokami. Currently working as a freelance illustrator, I draw 2D japanese anime-ish style illustration. I use Clip Studio Paint

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Artist worked very quick and communicated throughout the process!

No feedback provided.

This artist was amazing to work with! They were incredibly responsive and so fast with their turnaround. I couldn't be happier with the result!

Soranokami was a pleasure to work with! They are extremely friendly, accommodating and will ask questions or seek clarification if there is something they are unsure about so they can deliver you their best work! I was kept involved during the entire process and I was extremely happy with the end result! The level of detail drawn on replicating a rather intricate armor and sword design was stunning! Highly recommend!

Artist was fantastic to work with, and was actively discussing with me through the entire process. Highly reccommend!

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  • Full Colored Character Illustration
    Full Colored Character Illustration
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    Custom Character Sheet
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    Simple Colored Character
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    Photo Based Illustration
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    Full Colored Sketch
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