Stylized Character Portrait
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Stylized Character Portrait

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Stylized detailed and high quality portraits for you or you're friends or you're own personal original characters w/ simple backgrounds ^_^

Added details props e.g or special backgrounds can be discussed and will charge an extra 5-10$

I will make sure to update you as I go showing you the different stages, sketches etc.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 4.9 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 72 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 20 2020

Seluna is a very sweet artist. They work quick and the result is more than worth the wait and pricepoint! Also very easy to talk to about changes. <3 <3


June 13 2020

Terrific Job! Was quick to respond when messaged, successfully made alterations to initial sketch!


December 06 2019

Very great on communicating, lovely work - so excited to have gotten to work with them!


September 15 2019

First time commissioning this artist! Very happy with the finished product! Easy to talk too and very lovely to work with. I do recommend!


September 02 2019

Very good artwork, adjusts to what the client wants. Works hard and is reliable.


August 20 2019

Amazing as always! I will comm again very very soon.


May 30 2019

Exceptional quality of work and reasonable response time! Fair price too. Would commission again!


May 20 2019

I am 100 percent amazed at the work that she put into this and I love how it came out. I will definitely be looking to receive more work from her soon.


May 05 2019

The sheer quality of art leaves nothing to shirk at, absolutely lovely work, lovely artist, commissioning from them again very soon.


April 13 2019

Wonderful communication and a pleasure to work with.

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