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full body

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Estimated Duration 1 to 3 weeks

Please read the General information and terms first https://artistsnclients.com/people/RMil**
i preferred if you message me first for negotiation and details

Full body 70~ 100 USD ( price depend on the character's / body's details.)

this category doesnt mean it will be draw from head to toes, knees up to head will be consider as full body, (knee or feet that don't show because of camera angle or covered by object will also consider as full body ) please specify if you really want to draw it from head to toe

+50 to 80 USD for each additional Character / body
Background 10 to 30$
(I only accept as a background. a large area effects/elements, additional footing object or objects that does not belong to character are consider a background

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 29 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 03 2020

I am absolutely stunned by the skill of the artist. The level of communication, the multiple updates at every single step in multiple portions. (I got like, several shading and coloring updates, it was GREAT!) Yes, it took some time. But that time was well worth it, and due to the constant updates I was never worried. Gotta say, this is probably the favorite commission I have ever gotten of this character, I don't think anyone will ever draw her better! Stunned!!???


June 07 2020

Artist was very good with communicating and giving regular updates. Very easy to work with!


February 14 2020

Amazingly talented artists extremely happy with their work and how regularly they update


November 25 2019

It's a beautiful drawing that was definitely worth the wait and the discussion over it. Thank you so much for all the updates throughout the commission- they definitely made me a lot more comfortable with the process.


November 04 2019

Crazy talented artist, incredibly happy with the quality of their work and the consistency of their updates plus how communicative they were and open to early revisions they were, I hope to commission them again someday and would highly recommend them


October 18 2019

Amazing, communicates a lot and very friendly artist! Always worth the wait!


December 04 2018

An exceptionally good artist with a keen eye for detail and an amazing style. Very pleasant, facilitating, communicative and gave updates every step of the way. 10/10, would definitely commission again!


October 15 2018

RMil never fails to impress, I have gotten many things from this artist and plan on getting more in the future


October 04 2018

Such an amazing artist! Very friendly and completely lovely to work with. They take you step by step and make sure everything is how you like by keeping constant updates.


September 05 2018

Excellent fast work, easy to talk to ^u^

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