Colored Headshot Sketch
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Colored Headshot Sketch

Last Active: 7 months ago

My line art is rather messy so I'll just call it a sketch haha.
The color is lacking because my monitor is not too good. I apologize for that.

-I'll need a reference.

-If you have any specific requests, just ask.
Willing to do anything/ negotiate :^)

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 62.2 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

client reviews


August 07 2019

Great! Super friendly and their work is awesome!


November 27 2017

Absolutely great, the finished product is beautiful! Highly recommend!


November 12 2017

While the artist took a while to get back to me, they were done within a day of accepting the commission and delivered a beautiful, impressive and accurate piece despite being given a shoddy reference! Would 200% recommend and will definitely commission again in the future!


May 09 2017

It's been an absolute pleasure working with this artist. They're open to making any changes to the drawing and keep you updated throughout the process, I'm way more than happy with the finished piece I got! Would definitely recommend to anyone, I really couldn't be happier with the wonderful drawing they did for me!


May 02 2017

Absolutely fantastic artist! Super, duper nice, quick to reply to both messages and with updates about the art, very willing to make adjustments and changes, and the received product is absolutely beautiful and perfect! This was my first ever commission and I could honestly not ask for a better experience! Would completely and entirely recommend to absolutely anybody.


April 30 2017

Amazing artist, I would pay much more for this level of quality.


November 21 2016

I have never received such a fast yet high quality digital sketch before! Rori was very swift at my request and presented such a masterpiece that should have been worth more than the listed price. I would highly recommend you to commission this artist. Not only are you paying for a good price, but the final piece will blow you away! Rori takes your feedback and ensures your voice is heard throughout the drafting stages. The artist will not hesitate to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the piece. I absolutely loved the drawing that I commissioned <3 Highly recommend you to commission this artist!


November 10 2016

I had an overwhelmingly positive experience working with this artist!! They were extremely quick to finish the piece for me and I received a beautiful, vibrant artwork for a fantastic price. Would DEFINITELY commission again <3

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