Colored Anime Headshot Sketch
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Colored Anime Headshot Sketch

Last Active: 3 weeks ago

A simple anime headshot sketch

Please provide me with:

• At least 1 reference

• Any notes or small changes (if wanted)


• I will only start drawing after the amount has been paid

• The price is $15 per character (Colored)

• Detailed characters will cost $1-3 extra

You can ask me questions either on Instagram, Discord, or private messages here! ^^


Discord: Amjadgeroa#1664

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 15 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 28 2019

She was amazingly attentive and kind. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to bring their character to life.


October 26 2019

super quick artist and cute art, recommend to everyone <3


June 04 2019

Just stunning quality work for an absolute steal of a price. I couldn't give a higher recommendation.


June 03 2019

The experiencece with Amjadgeroa has been amazing! The delivery was quick, and they kept me up to date through the entire thing


June 01 2019

The person was very friendly and the time it took to craft such an amazing piece of work is unbelievable~! I'm extremely satisfied with my commission, it's perfect and I wouldn't change anything about it!


May 18 2019

Quick and charming artwork! Good job!


May 15 2019

Love her work, she did an excellent job in a time efficient manner. Did better than I expected!


May 15 2019

Quick, easy and good quality!


May 13 2019

A very pleasant artist to work with, she was very patient & accommodating and was willing to do everything I asked~ The commission turned out wonderfully and the process was quite simple, overall I had a positive experience~! I will definitely come back again sometime~


May 12 2019

love artwork! i'll definitely come back again! <3

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