Chibi Fullcolor
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Chibi Fullcolor

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I will draw chibi version of your character, with free simple background. :)

  • Additional character: +$18
  • Add complex background: +$5
  • If your character seems complicated, I will make it as simple as possible, so no extra charge will be taken.

Please give me picture references about the colors or any specific expressions or poses you want if any. Or you may describe them in simple and understandable way.

Thanks in advance!

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 18 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 29 2020

Artist was responsive, open to requests/changes, and made a wonderful work. Their ability to evoke expressions is beyond anything I could ever wish for. :D


June 28 2020

Did a fantastic job, easy to communicate with, and overall a wonderful experience to work with them!


June 28 2020

Amazing work! I would absolutely request again!


June 28 2020

Wonderful artist and great communication, def would recommend! <3


June 27 2020

Great communication during the process and some great work especially for the price!


June 27 2020

Great communication on top of being a great artist. Would Recommend.


June 24 2020

very quick and patient would recommend and commission again!


June 22 2020

Once again has done quick, amazing work :)


June 10 2020

Brilliant artist, very adaptable and helpful!


June 10 2020

Such amazing details and patience working with their clients. Aifu did it again, bringing the character to life in their style.

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