Gift codes

Disclaimer: Gift codes are non-refundable. You cannot redeem and use the gift code on your own account. You can make payments through the job page using Paypal.

Using gift codes you can gift your friends the ability to commission artists on their own. Here is a short description of what happens.

Purchasing a gift code

On the "Purchase gift code" page, you can pick a monetary value for your gift code from a list of tiers. Once you submit the form, if you have enough on-site balance, you'll be done; if you don't, you'll be redirected to PayPal.

You will find all your purchased gift codes under "Purchased gift codes" - if for some reason you didn't pay when creating the gift code, you'll see a button to complete the process. Along you'll see the status of the gift code and if's been redeemed yet.

Now that you have an active fresh gift code, give it to a friend of yours!

Redeeming a gift code

Grab yourself an account first. Don't worry, that's free. Go to the "Redeem gift code" page and enter the gift code your friend has given to you. Hurray! You're done. Now the monetary value of that gift code was added to your on-site balance, and you can use it to commission any artist.

If you need any help with that, see the getting started guide!