Getting started

This guide will cover the basics of using the A&C platform for beginners. There are two versions depending on whether you intend to sell your art services or if you are a buyer.

As a client

Finding what you want

  • Master the search!: All commission slots that our artists offer are tagged using various generic keywords additionally to their titles. By searching you can filter your search by topics, styles or features. If you have a definite budget, you can limit your search by a minimum and maximum price, too.

  • Sort it!: The default sorting mode is daily rotation, meaning it is basically random (and gives more exposure to a wider number of artists). The age mode sorts by the date the slot was created, price by the slot price, and finally, the rating mode: It will sort the slots by the ratings they have received from previous clients.

  • Useful checks: It is not unwise to check a few things before commissioning someone: The terms of service of the artist, should there be any; and the response time of the artist, a value that you can see on the profiles of artists who have been previously commissioned. That is not the average completion time, but a metric indicating how soon you are likely to receive a response to your request.

  • Request!: As soon as you find something that you like, click "Commission artist". Whoosh!

Actually commissioning

  • Lay out your request: Having clicked the "Commission artist" button you'll find yourself on a "job" page - that's how we call "customer requests" throughout the user interface. Now it's on you to tell the artist what you want done, and upload references, should you have any.

  • Wait for approval: The artist will be notified. They will review your request, reply, and have the option to update the price, approve or decline the request.

  • Payment time!: Now that the job is approved, you have to make a payment by clicking on the respective button on the job page. A&C is an escrow-type platform and will withhold your money until the commission is done. When it is done, is your decision, since you mark the job as completed when you see fit.

However, keep in mind: Artists can watermark their images. These watermarks will only be gone as soon as you "complete" the job. Moreover, if you unrightfully hinder progress, the artist can cancel and protest a refund, in which case the staff will be resolving the dispute.

  • Refunds: If something goes wrong on your or the artist's end, you can cancel the job. If it's already paid, doing so will trigger a refunding mechanism that will return your money in 7 days time, unless the artist approves the refund sooner or protests it to the staff.

    All refunds issued through the website can only be used for another job commission. Refunds are non-convertible to cash/fund transfer.

  • Done!: Usually artists start working on your request only after you deposit the payment. Having done so, now you wait until your request is delivered to you. When that happens, all you have to do is mark the job as completed from the interface - all watermarks will be removed and the artist will receive their money. Hurray!