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Hello~! Welcome to my page~《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

I'm a Digital Animanga-style Illustrator, while also learning Semi-Realistic style and doing Character Animations, Live2D, Backgrounds, and Assets for games and other stuffs

I love to make any artworks as detailed and as good as possible, since I consider that as a practice to keep honing my skills, other than only deliver best results to my client~ (/ω\)

Feel free to whisper or messages me for any questions

Thank you for coming, wish you a wonderful day~! o(^∀ ^*)o

UPDATE : for better experience and response in future, i'll close some slots until unspecified time (i'll still doing those who already in queue though) if you have something in mind, please message / whisper me first here beforehand.. Thank you~

My Current List https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/178PTPyAgZrbyBgXTQMZz3IOWiBMpQp4V0jXs17JOI6Y/edit?usp=sharing


  • Chibi Art-style!
  • Character Illustration (+expression set)
    Sold out 5
  • 1/2 Body Character (+expression set)
    Closed 4
  • Backgrounds!
    Closed 0
  • Simple-Colored Chibi
    Closed 0
  • Animation Chibi
    Closed 0

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