Drawing = Happiness

by A&C member : DEGALINX

I’m really happy when I'm drawing or making an art piece. When I was a child, I was thinking " how do people make this artwork", I want it, but on those days, I don't have the money to buy some stuff, like wacom, PC and etc so I try to draw on paper and it was fun. One day my friend told me "Your drawing is good, why don’t you sell it?", so my first commission is a traditional drawing work for my friend's birthday and I was like "make an art and get an income, that was cool" and then I decided to be an artist and I sold my phone to buy a wacom.

However, I'm struggling with time. My time is so limited because I have to study, work and also I need to learn art but I can handle it by managing my weekly schedule and I also reduced my sleep into 4 hours a day. I couldn’t believe I could get money out of art, It was unbelievable.

I discovered Artists&Clients from a facebook friend. He told me about this site but I don't have the confidence to sell my digital artwork here and I thought to myself  "who the hell would buy my art piece?!". So I continued to study and improve my art. One day, I went back, signed up and start to sell my work, but no one bought my art in a month. After that I made a new account and tried to sell my art again. I got my first client after a week, I am so happy! Thank you Artists&Clients for making me a part of your website, Now I can get anything because of working through your website. Artists&Clients changed my life.