Waist-Up Sketch
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Waist-Up Sketch

Last Active: 3 weeks ago

Sketch waist up portrait of your character. Can be as detailed as you want it to be.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 13 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 26 2020

Great work, good communication. The waiting time is worth it! I highly recommend this artist.


September 28 2019

This person is amazing, quick and beautiful art! Extremely patient and kind as well!


June 24 2019

A great experience from start to finish. The artwork was gorgeous and was exactly what I wanted. The artist maintained fantastic communication and had a quick turn around time. Highly recommend and would love to commission again.


January 14 2019

Beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful and kind! Fantastic artist, couldn’t ask for better service or artwork


November 17 2018

Beautiful work, very happy!


July 03 2018

Faynt understood exactly what I wanted for my commission, executed it to a beautiful standard, and managed to turn the whole thing around fast enough to make my head spin. It was lovely working with them, and I look forward to commissioning them again in the future! Thank you again!


June 20 2018

Faynt did an incredible job on the piece I purchased from them. Not only did they finish it very quickly, but it turned out stellar and I couldn't ask for a more accurate portrait of my character. 20/10! Amazing! Commission them!


June 17 2018

Said it once, shall say it again — this person is crazy good, exceptionally nice, and a fantastic person! Will be coming back again!


May 01 2018

Faynt is fantastic!! Never have I met such a friendly and wonderful artist, quick response times and beautiful art to show for it, I’ll definitely be coming back to them again!


April 28 2018

A fantastic artist who captures details better than most, definitely give him a chance to prove his skill because it's surprising in an amazing way!

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  • Watercolor Waist Up
    Watercolor Waist Up

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