Colored Full body
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Colored Full body

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Full-body piece with full shading

$10 per additional character. Max number of characters is 3.

Simple patterned background only

NSFW friendly, no additional charge.

Completion time may vary depending on number of characters and level of detail the character/s have.

Please read terms for info on what kinds of characters I will and will not do. If what you want isn't specified or you're unsure, please message me first before requesting a slot and I will answer as soon as I can.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 83 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 15 2020

A pleasure to work with, as always! Couldn't be happier!


February 13 2020

Excellent artist to work with as always! Highly recommended for both her skill, professionalism, and kind attitude when working with a client!


February 12 2020

Amazing quality, and went above-and-beyond with my request! The artist was always supportive, and worked with me to flesh out my ideas. I can't wait to commission them again!


January 11 2020

Amazing work as always!


December 28 2019

Wonderful, quick, communicates efficiently, and beautiful work. I couldn't be happier!


November 29 2019

Great to work with!


October 30 2019

Amazing work as always!


October 24 2019

Kitty was an amazing to work with! I’ve known a lot of my guildies who’ve gotten art from kitty and they’re all great!


October 21 2019

I cannot adequately express how delighted I am to work with Bandito94 for art of my character! Not only is she wonderful with realistic skin tones, and amazing with composition in couples pieces, she did an incredible job with the finer details of my character's werewolf form! She's able to illustrate props, always goes above and beyond, and frankly it's hard to imagine going to any other artist with quality like this. I cannot recommend her enough!!


October 12 2019

Wonderful artist with a quick response time and a strong eye for detail!

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  • Waist-up Linework
    Waist-up Linework
  •  Full-body Linework
    Full-body Linework

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