Solid Base w/ Rim (S+R) PREORDERS 1ST
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Solid Base w/ Rim (S+R) PREORDERS 1ST

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9/1/20: Be aware of the preorder queue :)


Colored Sketch

  • priced by design :: simple: $12 | mid-tier: $22 | complex: $32 :: extras: +$6/$16/$26
  • simple prop/pet: free | small detailed prop/pet: +$3 | large detailed prop/pet: +$6
  • simple bg: free | complex bg: +$6
  • color lines: +$2
  • rim light only for props and chars

Refined Option (paypal only; pay after completed sketch)

  • bust: +$8 | extra: +$4
  • half: +$18 | extra: +$9
  • full: +$30 | extra: +$15
  • small prop/pet: +$3 | large prop/pet: +$6
  • refined bg: +$6-$26

MUST provide visual reference

Read my Profile and Terms for additional details.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within 1.9 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 3 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 28 2020

As always, they were patient and helpful whenever I had edits to request. They do gorgeous work and I couldmt be happier with the finished piece!!


October 10 2020

Every piece I've ever gotten from this artist has been phenomenal, and this piece is no different. I'm incredibly happy with how the piece turned out, as it was meant to be a piece for my profile art. The art was done incredibly quickly, as I wasn't expecting a finished piece for well over a week from now due to the queue. I'll definitely be back for more!


October 02 2020

Artist was kind and nice! Really good work!


September 30 2020

As always, this artist provides amazing results.


September 20 2020

One of the best artist to work with.


September 19 2020

As always they created such a stunning scene and brought my friend's character to life! I couldn't love their work any more! I will DEFINITELY be back!


September 14 2020

Would commission 100 times over!!! Super fast and super wonderful work. Everything I have gotten has been PERFECT and just how I want. Worked with all of my requests and even changed a few things up for me easily. 100000/10 experience!


September 13 2020

Gorgeous as always! My favorite artist.


September 03 2020

Great work again. Captures every detail and brings your vision to life.


August 28 2020

Responsive, quick, and very helpful for ideas and worked well with adjustments. Would recommend!

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