Colored Character waist up
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Colored Character waist up

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Colored character waist up without background or with plain background.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 26 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 28 2020

Words cannot describe how good this person is. Wow. So so happy with her work.


May 13 2020

Friendly, quick, and, most importantly, deliverer of beautiful art! Highly recommend!


May 05 2020

I always have an amazing experience with Evilin_Lee, and the art is always perfect!! This is my second time commissioning this artist, and I will for sure be back for a third :)


April 28 2020

Excellent work, very speedy.


April 21 2020

Evilin is an amazing artist! She is both incredibly nice and willing to make changes needed if necessary whilst also being incredibly prompt and quick while doing her work! She honestly undercharges herself, so PLEASE support and commission this amazing artist!


April 17 2020

Great artist, gave vague theme to work with and character description + references, was approved 04-05 completed 04-17, high quality finish and can sincerely recommend this artist. Do not hesitate to commission them.


April 09 2020

Excellent job! I recommend this artist!


April 07 2020

Awesome job,great experience. Very clear on what"s going on. Knew what i was looking for and she had no problem getting that on paper at all.


January 21 2020

Came back again, for a more complex piece. Once again Evilin has done an amazing job, and by now I can say she is my go-to artist. Highly recommended.


January 15 2020

An excellent quality, paired with such a communicative and receptive artist, is quite rare. But Evilin has proven once more that they are my favorite artist on this site. Will return again, and again.

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