Colored Character waist up
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Colored Character waist up

Colored character waist up without background or with plain background.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 24 clients thus far.

client reviews


October 13 2019

I have been buying art from Evilin for about a year now. Always coming back! Great quality and communication.


October 12 2019

Another wonderful experience with this extraordinary artist, Evilin has gone beyond expectations! I highly recommend reaching out and getting a commission from them! A splendid exchange!


October 01 2019

I have commissioned Evilin_Lee many, many times and every single time I am given a masterpiece! Evilin knows how to take an idea and make it more than you could have ever dreamed of! I seriously cannot give this artist enough praise. If you want a piece of artwork that you can cherish forever and is drawn with love and care (and all of the attention to detail you could ever want!), commission Evilin_Lee right now! You won’t regret it! Definitely will be coming back again and again!


September 27 2019

Very prompt and detailed for a very good price.


August 23 2019

This is my third time commissioning Evilin and I will continue to commission her! Each piece blows me away, over and over again. You can truly tell she pours her heart and soul into her artwork to deliver a piece that you will love. Not to mention how sweet and kind she is. It’s a win-win combination. You cannot go wrong with commissioning Evilin! You’ll be hard pressed to find quality this amazing elsewhere!


July 31 2019

Evilin_Lee is fantastic to work with! Sweet, communicative, and absolutely committed to making sure your character looks the way you want with fantastic quality and progress updates! Highly, highly recommend!


July 28 2019

Took a little bit of time but it was incredibly worth it!


July 22 2019

This is my second time commissioning Evilin, and I will definitely be commissioning her again and again. She is so sweet and kind, and the level of detail, care, and love she puts into her artwork results in an end product that you will absolutely love. She’s an incredibly talented artist who takes her time to ensure you receive a quality product. Evilin has produced yet another of my most treasured art pieces ever! If you get the chance, commission her right away!


July 15 2019

Amazing work I was blown away with the results


June 26 2019

This artist is absolutely amazing, polite, and talented. I highly recommend her to anyone who's interested in getting some high-quality art of their characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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