SKETCH: waist-up

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  • $ 9.50 base price
  • 2-5 days estimated turnaround
  • 3 / 3 available
SKETCH: waist-up
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within 6.7 days. This commission slot was rated positively by 42 clients thus far.

mielru describes this slot:

From head-shot to waist-up sketch per character! Simple white background.


DIZZLE_B writes:

Great job as always

greywoods writes:

Wonderful to work with! Open to revisions, and super easy to communicate with. Highly recommended!

Coolcat596 writes:

Amazing art and very worth it!

DIZZLE_B writes:

Couldn't ask for more. Great, Just great

DIZZLE_B writes:

Perfect art

DIZZLE_B writes:

Awesome as always

DIZZLE_B writes:

All I can do is repeat myself and day that Miru does an excellent and timely job. Always pleased with the work

DIZZLE_B writes:

Another job well done. I'm never not satisfied. Thanks as always

DIZZLE_B writes:

Always a pleasure. Always good work. Always quick. Just love this woman

DIZZLE_B writes:

Awesome job and quick too! Thanks

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