Coloured bust, simple bg
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Coloured bust, simple bg

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Full coloured bust-up painting with simple bg. Bg can be more complex at an added price. You can also request varying levels of lineart detail at an added price as well. Expressions are welcome!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 23 2020

Wonderful work and a joy to work with <3


June 02 2020

As always; a great and friendly artist!


May 25 2020

10/10 art and development process, one of the best artists on this site, and a damn sight more reliable than the grand majority!


May 18 2020

Fantastic work, very patient and flexible. People who want complex projects should come to Saithe.


May 03 2020

As always, very easy to talk to, and discuss finer points of the artwork!


May 02 2020

SaitheVivana is spectacular, she has an otherworldly art style that is just incredible at capturing so much emotion. I've had 4 commissions now with her (including this one) and she always outdoes herself in the amount of detail, requests and fixing anything pointed out to ensure you are the happiest client on A&C. Remind her to take it easy, take lots of breaks and not to rush because she will place your work first above all to make sure you're happy at the end of the day. I always thoroughly enjoy my conversations and working together with Saithe to produce something amazing as my commissions are always about IRL events. Thank you Saithe <3


April 28 2020

Very friendly and interested in the lore of the characters they draw! 10/10, would commission again!


April 22 2020

Saithe has done it again <3 Quality, speed, understanding, adjustments, I could go on and on and on but what I've said has already been said in my previous 2 ratings. She's totally worth it, great to work with. Nuff said.


April 20 2020

Working with SaitheVivana was an absolute pleasure! She is extremely prompt and punctual with her replies, she values your time and her own time. Listens to indepth details and strives to deliver a good art piece. Her art is extremely detailed and well drawn, she obviously cares about what she's doing and I highly recommend her. I will definitely be commissioning her again very soon!


April 20 2020

SaitheVivana does not disappoint and is perfect for drawing your needs. They excel at dark pieces you may have that others may seem uncomfortable drawing they're fine with doing. Absolutely incredible stuff and I'll be back for me as long as they will keep taking in my requests!

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