2 lineart drawings with flat colors
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2 lineart drawings with flat colors

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  • Two full-body lineart with flat colors
  • With a gradient shade and a simple backdrop.
  • With a supporting simple base or element.

  • The status is set to "Paid" after rough sketches are approved for finalizing. Then set to "Completed" when the artwork is finished.

  • I suggest to have a basic idea of what you would want to see on the artwork (pose, costume, story, props etc.) in order to save time.

  • I create the initial drawings and composition for you to approve; It is at that stage we make all adjustments before applying the final lineart. I will only start the final lineart once you give the clearance.

  • I do not advise revisions once I have started the final lineart because it is going to take much unnecessarily longer to apply. Changing colors is still okay, however.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


April 09 2020

Another damn wonderful commission from LeeB. Return customer!


March 31 2020

You will not regret choosing Leeb, trust me. This man has made me a proud customer, and he's one of the first that I've worked with who asked for core details surrounding the character.He's a goddamn saint.

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  • Not Safe For Work Hover to show 1 Figure - Full body - Painted
    1 Figure - Full body - Painted
    Closed 0
  • Not Safe For Work Hover to show 1 Figure - Full body - Cell-shaded
    1 Figure - Full body - Cell-shaded
    Closed 0

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