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Fausts-Soul Jhonny Hernandez

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General information:

  • Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of
  • Verified e-mail address
  • Verified artist
  • Response time: Same-day

Artist's Statistics:

  • Total Commissions :           19
  • Completed Commissions : 11

Hi! I'm a OC designer ( original character )

I'm looking to work on an amazing videogame project, that's my dream!
Video games is my passion, video game is my life, and I love to create original characters and I want to see them in a video game!

I work with Photoshop and PainTool Sai.

  • What can I do for you?

1- Original Characters ( Humans, animals, weapons )

2- Fan Arts ( Humans, animals, weapons )

3- Fantasy creatures ( Examples: Dragons, Unicorns, Elfs, Sirens, Demons, etc, etc, etc... )

4- Chibis


6- Gore, mid violence ( Please not extreme )

7- Avatars, Group avatars, Logos.

8- Apply color to your lineworks.

Commission slots: