[COUPLE] - Sketchy Monochrome Headshot
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[COUPLE] - Sketchy Monochrome Headshot

Last Active: 6 months ago

Simple sketch of your OC's/Anime couple headshot with an expression of your choice. They come in a monochrome/cell shade colour of your choice.

  • No Background. Just a simple white one.
  • Will add annotations if requested
  • Colouring style may differ from sample

Please include in Commission form:

Name: Of character
References: [Include links or image files]
Colour Theme:
Theme: (reading book, casual talking etc...)
Annotations: Speechbubbles? Arrows etc

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 11 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 04 2020

Beautiful work! This artist does an amazing job! I'm so happy with my piece :)


June 26 2019

Beautiful artwork and very friendly!


October 06 2018

I can't praise this artist enough! Recommended 100%


September 04 2018

This is my second time working with Daiikon, and it's just as amazing as the first. Can't recommend enough! <3 <3 Daiikon is super responsive, nice and a fantastic artist, who somehow visuallised exactly what I wanted off really stodgy references (magic, maybe).


September 02 2018

This artist was super awesome to work with! Great communication, super receptive to all the nitpicky small changes I wanted to make and SO SKILLED, the end product is better than I could have imagined! (And my expectations were high xD) Would definitely commission again in a heartbeat! 100% recommend!


August 23 2018

I can't express how great this artist is~!


August 18 2018

This artist is absolutely splendid to work with. They were extremely kind to me as a new client... brand new to commissions! Highly recommend them! That and they are flexible! I have nothing but good to say about them! Commission them when they have open slots, you won't be disappointed! :D <3


August 12 2018

Amazing work everytime! I recommend whole heartedly


April 07 2018

Such a friendly artist to work with and they were so fast, too! Extremely pleased with the end result and can’t wait to work with them again!!


October 27 2017

The artist here is super awesome! Not only did the artist help me bring what I had in my head to paper, they went above and beyond my expectations. I really enjoyed working with the artist, and they have my seal of approval!

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