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Art Nouveau Lineart
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An Art Nouveau Portrait of your character in lineart. I am able to draw most clothing references but would like to stay away from excessive amounts of armor. You'll make the artist happier and get your product quicker if you commission the slot with all of your references in a google doc for easy and organized access.

Will not draw -
- Mecha / Mechanical
- Abuse / Gore / Harmed Children
- Beast Races [ Besides Tauren , Were/Worgen, and Luxodon ]

Loves to draw -
- Elves
- Females
- Dresses of original design
- flowy things

Not the best at but will attempt -
- Beards
- Boots
- Skull Hats

Hope you stop by. <3

client reviews


September 06 2020

So wonderful to work with. A commissioners dream - they were communicative and flexible and quick. The finished product is absolutely stunning.


April 28 2020

The work was well done and finished very quickly.. She communicated her process and updated me on where she was heading with this project. The artist was extremely nice and did very well. I had a very pleasurable experience and would recommend to anyone keen!


October 23 2017

Lovely artist! Was very fast, and super professional. ONLY artists on here to offer stained glass, and perhaps the best one to achieve all that!


June 27 2017

Artist was awesome, worked with me the whole way and came out with a product that I just adore!

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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 1 client thus far.

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