Character design
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Character design

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Full body character design, colored - Please send good refs or detailed info,this will help me to do better artwork for you :)
Simple background.

I can also do a close up sketch portrait within the same price if requested.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 14 2019

Another amazing experience with this artist! I loved the final result; as usual they went above and beyond. Highly recommended! I'll be back soon myself.


January 07 2019

Another amazing experience with this artist! I'm always very happy with the final piece and can't wait to come back again!


December 20 2018

Amazing experience with this artist! Very fast, highly skilled, and the final result was even better than I imagined. I'd definitely come back and recommend!


October 16 2018

Tenshakuma can get a feeling for my characters that even I don't have, and delivers art that always adds a new layer to my characters through their expression, representation, even the way that this artist uses the thickness of their line work allows the art to tell a story all by itself. I am always excited to see what Tenshakuma has seen in my OCs that I had not! You'd better beat me to those commission slots! Yes! It is a race to buy this artist's slots! As it should be!


October 13 2018

Tenshakuma is not only an ink wizard, they're also super fast! While speed isn't a factor to me, because I hire talent, this was an amazing bonus. This artist also managed to add a new attitude to my OC that I had not noticed in her before. I am beyond please, and will be back for more from this artist!

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