Colored Halfbody
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Colored Halfbody

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colored bust up / half body illustration with simple or no background (of your choice) of one of your character. Additional character will be charged +15usd more. Please provide me with detailed description or clear reference. happy commissioning :)

you will receive A4 300dpi png file.
please contact me if you want the raw file.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 18 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 25 2020

Amazing work, done is such a short time, very transparent about the whole process and was willing to make changes after initial linework and flat colouring had been completed!


July 18 2020

This artist is very kind and does amazing work! I would highly recommend working with them!


July 03 2020

A very friendly person and the art style is amazing! Communication was great - in general I can only recommend the artist! I hope that I will be able to have a picture drawn again soon. ^3^


June 26 2020

Worked fast and was very open to edits and did SUCH a wonderful job with my OCs! Really made them come to life! <3


June 08 2020

This is my second piece from Suzaku and each has turned out marvelously. Communicative, quick, and so talented.


May 11 2020

Amazing work and super easy to work with! Thank you for taking the time to help flesh out my character. Thank you!


May 07 2020

Another immaculate piece from Suzaku. Their attention to detail is absolutely phenomenal and even little intricacies in armor are perfectly rendered. WIP drawings were provided every step of the way with flexibility to change things as needed. One of my favorite artists on this site and highly recommended.


April 27 2020

Genuinely one of my favorite artists on this site, and that's after doing quite a few commissions over the months. Suzaku's attention is detail is absolutely immaculate; they captured my character perfectly and provided me with frequent drafts to show how it was coming along. They were a joy to communicate with and I will be getting more commissions from them!


April 09 2020

Fun to work with, with clear lines of communication and absolute quality work!


March 16 2020

Absolutely -wonderful- artist that I'll be commissioning again in the future, hopefully! I'd love to leave them a big tip for this but I'm low on funds right now! Can't recommend them enough. Fast, high quality work that perfectly captures what I wanted.

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