Colored Halfbody
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Colored Halfbody

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colored bust up / half body illustration with simple or no background (of your choice) of one of your character. Additional character will be charged more. Please provide me with detailed description or clear reference. happy commissioning :)

you will receive A4 300dpi png file.
please contact me if you want the raw file.

due to past RL circumstances these last 4 months (dad got cancer and I have to resign my old job), I have to up the price, I'm really sorry :(

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 8 clients thus far.

client reviews


March 16 2020

Absolutely -wonderful- artist that I'll be commissioning again in the future, hopefully! I'd love to leave them a big tip for this but I'm low on funds right now! Can't recommend them enough. Fast, high quality work that perfectly captures what I wanted.


March 05 2020

Excellent artist, talented and efficient! Worked quickly and provided WIPs along the way to assure I was fully satisfied by the time the final product rolled around. I was over the moon for the final piece and would absolutely recommend to other buyers :D


November 17 2019

I am very picky when it comes to art style, and they say you get what you pay for, but suzakudarknight delivered, and it surpassed even the craziest of my expectations! I have no words, I feel like I have come across the right artist. They made all the adjustments I needed up until the final piece and even after, following all the references accordingly. The final piece turned out beautiful, and they didn't charge a dime for additional details! I really couldn't ask for more. Seriously talented! Genuinely happy with the result, and definitely coming back! This guy is going places. ?*??(???*)??*?


November 09 2019

Second time commissioning! Very happy with the results again! Suzaku is always a pleasure to work with. Very professional and updates you each step of the way. A++


November 02 2019

Great artist Easy to work with and does what I asked. Would recommend them.


October 28 2019

Artist went above and beyond for me! Very friendly, fast and kept me updated with multiple WIPs, and the final commission is amazingly detailed <3


October 26 2019

Phenomenal work! Attention to detail and personality. Absolutely adore the outcome, captured my character wonderfully. Highly recommended!


October 23 2019

Love my piece! Very good communication. A real talent! :)

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