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color illust Commission.

I can't draw R-18 pictures and grotesque pictures.

If there are many characters or complicated requests, the price will be negotiated.

Commission open.please illust request.
I am a Japanese manga artist.
The pictures I drew are on Twitter and pixiv.



The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 97 clients thus far.

client reviews


May 30 2020

he works so fast and is really understanding and really cares that you come out happy


May 29 2020

as always, amazing work.looking forward to more


May 28 2020

Beautiful work as always! Never disappoints!


May 27 2020

I love it so much! She looks so cool!


May 25 2020

Amazing and beautiful work! Can’t recommend kafun enough!!


May 23 2020

Kafun exceeded expectations. His art exudes so much style!


May 21 2020

Absolutely amazing, I have no words for how great everything kafun draws it. Incredible job every time!!


May 20 2020

I will return for another. You keep up the good work. Very talented.


May 19 2020

The quality of their work is amazing. They blew away my expectations and made such a wonderful work of art! If anyone out their is interested in working with this artist, you will for sure get your moneys worth. Commissioning them was such a pleasant experience and I will for sure do it again in the future!


May 19 2020

Incredibly nice and friendly artist! This is by far the greatest piece of art that I have ever commissioned. I cannot even begin to explain how happy this makes me. Plus the fact that they were able to complete it so quickly will never cease to amaze me. Please give your support to kafun! They deserve all the best!

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