Danganronpa Freehanded Sprite
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Danganronpa Freehanded Sprite

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Hey there, it's me, Marcy. You might've seen my other slot, where I sell edits of existent Danganronpa Sprites.

Well, with this slot, I offer you an opportunity to forego looking for canons and just bring you an all-original sprite, drawing only from the brain from my own.

Whether you're looking for an artist for a Danganronpa Fangame or are just simply sick of how sameish all of the other sprites look, you've found the right gal. All of my sprites are free to be used for whatever and ever, all I ask for is credit. <3

All my drawings come in glorious HQ, full colors and a lot of love. I hope to do business with you soon!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 4 clients thus far.

client reviews


January 27 2020

Artist was very easy to communicate with, did a great job recreating my OC to the specifications and was happy to make any revisions asked for. Would 100% recommend!


December 09 2019

This was a great time. The Artist was very paticent and calm. And the final product is awesome!


October 21 2019

fuckin brilliant art


September 29 2019

Fast, quality work, communicated well all throughout. Heavily recommended, will commission again in the future!


September 25 2019

The artist was so great to work with!!!! It took longer than their estimated turnaround date, but they were busy with other projects so it was completely understandable! I didn't mind at all! They helped me come up with an original design for my character based off of a concept I made in a dollmaker by personalizing it, and were happy to make corrections later on. Their sprites are really true to the danganronpa style, so they're definitely someone to consider if you're looking for exactly that!!!


September 16 2019

Awesome art, and a patient person! Provided every addition or edit as asked for, quicker than expected too! Will definitely commission again in the future!


September 10 2019

Great job, really liked it, recommended artist :)


June 06 2019

Wonderful work! Was willing and able to make necessary revisions, and was quite amicable. Quick, effective, and communicative. Without a doubt, my $10 were well spent. Will definitely commission again in the future!


June 06 2019

Quick and friendly work! Willing to listen to requests and clarification for a good price. Would recommend!


May 27 2019

Great speed, makes sure of every detail and sends prog pics! Will recommend forever and always.

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