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Hello, i offer you a 2-colors (Black & 1 color-your-choices) like this ^^

5-7 days depend on the queue

Bust up : $13
* add character +$10 (max 2 character/canvas)
* detailed design +$5-$10 /character
* background : no/flat/transparent

Half Body : $20
* add character +$17 (max 2 character/canvas)
* detailed design +$5-$10 /character
*background : no/flat/transparent

Fullbody : $25
* add character +$22 (max 2 character/canvas)
* detailed design +$5-$10 /character
* background : no/flat/transparent

-x-x-x- I DO -x-x-x-
Male/female, Kemonomimi character, Original Character, Fanart

-x-x-x- I DON'T DO -x-x-x-
Mecha, Animal / Furry, Realist, R18, Gore

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 30 2019

Wonderful artist to work with. Lots of opportunities to review the progress, and a great attention to detail and client vision. I was thrilled to work with them and will certainly do so again in the future.


December 19 2018

Completed quickly and politely, I'm impressed with the quality!


November 24 2018

Very great communicator and quick :)


November 09 2018

Very talented and easy to communicate with :) Would highly recommend.


September 27 2018

Adorableeee Thank you so much :)


September 24 2018

This artist is A-MEI-ZING (Hello Overwatch pun) They were the absolute best to work with. A gem among other artist for sure. They were extremely easy to talk to and is just as excited for the vision the piece as the commissioner is, which is such a good quality to have. They are always willing to put the commissioner first, always checking to make sure that everything is exactly how you invisioned it which just shows the professionalism this person has. I loved working with them.


September 17 2018

Very happy with their work, and easy to communicate with <3


September 08 2018

Amazing art and a pleasure to work with <3


August 27 2018

Great art, and great to work with. They captured all of my characters flawlessly. Definitely recommend.


March 16 2018

Did a fantastic job with the references given, very kind and easy to work with throughout the whole process!

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