colored chibi full body
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colored chibi full body

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I can create a chibi drawing of a character of your choice!

The image size are in high resolution
Price per character

Please send all the details you think I'll need for your commission!
(such as image references, name, facial expression, personality, etc.)

I can draw your OC or fanarts

Fan Arts are avaliable
I can make furry chibis too

I will send you work-in-progress images and ask for approval before moving on to each step.
(rough draft > line art > color > final)

Once finished, I'll send your commission in high resolution

If you want see more of my work visit my social media:

¡Thank you for your time!

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 2 clients thus far.

client reviews


February 14 2020

I commissioned Murasade for a bulk order of emotes for my entire guild. They did a fantastic job and they were super happy to work with me. They even asked multiple times if any revisions were needed. Everyone loved the emotes and Murasade did a 10/10 job on them. <3


January 23 2020

fast work and very friendly


January 20 2020

Loved the enthusiasm and updates on WIP/sketch/etc phases. Easy to work with and would recommend to friends and people who want good chibis.


January 18 2020

Perfect! Thank you <3


January 06 2020

Fantastic art and the artist was a pleasure to work with!


January 05 2020

Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. The artist is quick to respond, almost in real time, and they show the whole process from beginning to end. Highly recommend.


December 20 2019

This artist is very easy to work with, Understands everything i tell them and seems really eager & excited to work with, alot of passion. I'll definatly want to comission again in the future. Art was done quick too. Less than a day!


December 20 2019



December 20 2019

Artist did a very good job and was very nice to work with, friendly and nice person too.


December 12 2019

Very accommodating and conversations practically in real-time made it easy to adjust things on the fly. The artist's excitability and enthusiasm quickly wear away any nervousness for commissioners who haven't been around the site long.

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