Colored Chibi Full Body

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  • $ 20.00 base price
  • 1 week estimated turnaround time
  • 3 / 3 available
Colored  Chibi Full Body
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The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 12 clients thus far.

Rclouds96 describes this slot:

The price is for one charachter

I do:

  • Fanart: anime, game, movie character, etc
  • OC
  • Anime version from real photo (idol/ your photo)
  • Bromance, shounen ai

I do not:

  • Full Furry (animal ears & tail is okay, I'll draw it)
  • Mecha
  • Gore
  • armor (simple armor is fine, but ask first via whisper)

Additional charges:

+3$ untill 5$ for simple BG. More complex BG may add the charge.
+10$ for each additional character.

Please give me the character, and pose reference.
For more detail please read my terms, thank you ^^


Nacht writes:

Forward and great to work with!

Arc501 writes:

Really friendly and does great work! Highly recommend!

Bianchi_buys writes:

Super fast and very kind!

anamimarie writes:

Great communication! The artist was delightful to work with and would love to commission them again in the future.

Roo writes:

Great, Swift work, and cute artwork!

Molly12 writes:

Fantastic timing, easy to talk to and lovely art!

Kouval writes:

Very friendly artist, kept me updated throughout the process. My friend and I are really happy with the end product! :-)

KeresAmell writes:

I love it! Thank you so much for the drawings!

Cjheighton writes:

He texted me a few weeks ago, asking if id check out his stuff. Normally id be.... hesitant at best, but something told me when i looked at his work that id regret skipping on this one. Happy to say he met my rather high bar and exceeded it! The lineworks clean and the colours are soft and minimalist. I seriously love the work he put in, wish i could pay him a bigger tip or something, i feel bad only paying what he asked. Anywho, worth commissioning! Yeah

sigmavash writes:

Very good artist. Kept me updated most of the time and the result was just what I wanted.

Commission artist
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