Character Lineart
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Character Lineart

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Character Lineart

I draw characters like for D&D, World of Warcraft, Anime or any sort, just feel free to add in details and let's make your character. You can provide a shared doc

You can also use this slot for a comic style or manga style character

  • Dimensions will depend.
  • In 300 Resolution
  • This is per character as well, additional complexity may change the price
  • Transparent background will be provided
  • you can ask for the psd file.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 17 clients thus far.

client reviews


June 15 2020

This artist did an amazing job. The detail of their work is incredible, they worked quickly and expediently. Any issues that came up were quickly resolved, and every detail I requested was included. I strongly recommend this artist!


May 26 2020

A joy to work with, and well worth every penny.


April 27 2020

excellent and fantastic


April 23 2020

Couldn't be happier


April 09 2020

Always exceeds expectations, this guy is truly amazing to work with.


March 18 2020

Absolutely love working with bluezald. Any piece I've seen them do is quality, and I always look forward to a reason to commission them again! Works with you to get the piece as you want it to be. Fairly quick turn around for the quality, too!


March 01 2020

Absolutely amazing and talented artist!


February 16 2020

this is my third time commissioning bluezald and every single time they've knocked it out of the park with their speed, friendliness and eye for perfect detail. it's getting to where i look forward to coming up with reasons to work with them again!! absolutely do not pass up their slots when opened, you will not regret it.


February 16 2020

Absolutely fantastic art from a great artist with excellent communication!


February 03 2020

Absolutely phenomenal work! Artist is totally fantastic and a joy to work with.

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