character/creature bust
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character/creature bust

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Greetings :)

Your description should always contain:

  • choice between an original piece or a fanart (if original, what kind of impression should it give the viewer, for instance- is it horrifying or maybe the opposite?);
  • preferable colours (warmer or cooler schemes?);
  • some references of what do you have in mind (fanarts of course require less)

I'm starting work once you’ve updated the comission to paid.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 11 clients thus far.

client reviews


July 01 2020

Truly a wonderful artist, amazing communication, with a stellar result. I hope to work with them again.


June 19 2020

Well done!


June 16 2020

Beautifully done, always communicating, and adding idea's to a character if you give them the freedom. 10/10, would recommend.


May 28 2020

Gengi kept me up to date with the piece, worked super quickly and was very understanding of me throughout the entire process. Great artist!


May 06 2020

Very well done w/ regular progress updates. Style looks amazing and very easy to work with.


May 04 2020

Gengi was very friendly and receptive to changes, though I didn't request any changes. Gave me regular updates as well and the final commission came out fantastic!


April 19 2020

Gengi is an artist which was not only super helpful throughout the whole process but happy to listen to the feedback and adapt his art to it. So, thanks for your hard work, I am glad I could work with you :)


April 15 2020

They are an AMAZING artist. This is my second commission, and I honestly couldn't be more pleased. Commission them IMMEDIATELY.


March 22 2020

Truly excellent! They are a very pleasant person to work with - Would and likely will commission again!


January 22 2020

Artist works fast and efficiently to make some seriously excellent work! Thank you again~

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  • rough sketch
    rough sketch
  • Full character
    Full character
  • Full creature
    Full creature

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