character/creature bust
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character/creature bust

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Greetings :)

Your description should always contain:

  • choice between an original piece or a fanart (if original, what kind of impression should it give the viewer, for instance- is it horrifying or maybe the opposite?);
  • preferable colours (warmer or cooler schemes?);
  • some references of what do you have in mind (fanarts of course require less)

I'm starting work once you’ve updated the comission to paid.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 7 clients thus far.

client reviews


November 20 2019

Patient artist with one of the best artstyles I know. Very friendly :)


November 09 2019

Excellent communication throughout my commission, I'm extremely impressed with the outcome and I would love to work with you again!


November 04 2019

Very friendly artist and easy to work with. Good communication through all steps of the process.


September 30 2019

Absolutely fabulous! So close to the concepts given but with personal changes that improved the overall piece. I would definitely commission again!


September 24 2019

The artist worked really fast and was really communicative. He was willing to accommodate changes quickly and he followed my vision perfectly.


August 27 2019

Gengi has such a bold style that everyone knows when you get a piece from him. He makes all of the World of Warcraft characters pop and take on a new life. Definitely will be hiring him again and again.


August 24 2019

Beautifully done. Great style and takes care in his work.


August 13 2019

Beautiful. Best artist I've worked with thus far.


June 07 2019

Gengi's original ideas, talent, and thorough communication throughout the process of this commission made it an excellent experience. Though I offered up a basic concept, Gengi went really above and beyond with taking it to the next level and showing me several different options and original that would suit it well. The piece was completed in great time, with frequent updates. The end result was phenomenal and I'm very happy with it.


April 20 2019

Amazing artist, they gave me updates throughout and left notes about what their thought process was, amazingly friendly and loved the artwork. Such a unique style and absolutely exceeded my expectations by miles!

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  • rough sketch
    rough sketch
  • Full creature
    Full creature
  • Full character
    Full character

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