Realistic waist-up portrait
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Realistic waist-up portrait

Last Active: 9 months ago

Realistic waist-up human character with details and background included.

Please refer to my terms of service if you have a question left unanswered, or contact me indeed directly.

The Commission Rundown:

In a few days after receiving your order, I shall update you with a sketch, after which you can confirm the order and/or request changes to be done. After, I will request payment and will start the commission once it is fulfilled. You are allowed, to a reasonable extent, to ask for updates on the commission. A limited amount of changes are allowed before I will be obligated to charge an extra fee for a consequent amount of modifications. The finished commission will be paired with a receipt I shall send you as well as a testimony of the agreement. A cancellation of the commission half-way through will result in a half-refund.

Things I will require:

A thorough description or reference to fulfill the realism and the details An explanation of the sort of atmosphere you wish to see in the piece

Additional notes:

The only NSFW aspect which is permitted is nudity to a certain extent, the extent being a non-suggestive reveal of the waist-up human anatomy. Gore is limited to the show-casing of blood and limited injury. Excessive gore requests shall be discussed in concreto. I shall not draw anthropomorphic characters (such as furries for instance).

For extra requests:

An additional character results in an upgrade of 40% of the final commission price.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 0 clients thus far.

client reviews


August 14 2019

Another great work! Thank you!


July 27 2019

You're an amazing artist! The detailes like shadows and different shades in your drawings are really impressive and you're quick as well. One can really notice how passionate you are. :)


July 15 2019

Amazing work!

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