Cell Shade + Dark Lines


10/5/19: Shortening my descrip to leave room for an updates section since there's a descrip char limit now -_- make sure to check my profile for more info!


Colored Sketch

  • priced by design :: simple: $6 | mid-tier: $16 | complex: $26 :: extras: +$6/$16/$26
  • simple prop/pet: free | small detailed prop/pet: +$3 | large detailed prop/pet: +$6
  • simple bg: free | complex bg: +$6

Refined Option

If you want a refined rendition of your sketch, these are the additional costs:

  • bust: +$6 | extra: +$3
  • half: +$16 | extra: +$8
  • full: +$26 | extra: +$13
  • refined bg (bust/half/full): +$6/$16/$26

MUST provide visual reference

Read my Profile and Terms for additional details.

The artist will most likely respond to a request within the same day. This commission slot was rated positively by 35 clients thus far.

Cell Shade + Dark Lines
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client reviews


October 11 2019

Amazing work as always. Love this Halloween piece.


October 05 2019

Absolutely wonderful experience with this artist! Has created so many different and diverse pieces for me and it's always a wonderful, perfect result. Was fine with making a small change that I asked for. Very friendly and easy to talk to, always makes very good use of my references and description to bring my vision to life.


October 02 2019

As always, perfection!


September 29 2019

Artofawang did spectacular work! Was a delight to work with. 10/10 would commission again


September 25 2019

Amazing as always.


September 21 2019

Absolutely one of the people to work with on the site with amazing talent. And they are quick too. Highly recommend taking a commission.


September 21 2019

Wonderful experience as always with this very talented artist. I asked for a more serious piece than my usual lighthearted, happy commission ideas and they worked with it perfectly to give the tone and atmosphere that I wanted. I'm always extremely satisfied and trust this artist with all kinds of ideas, each time bringing it to life perfectly! I'll be back again as I'm always a satisfied customer, one of my favourite artists to work with.


September 15 2019

Another perfect commission


September 13 2019

Working with artofawang is absolutely fantastic as always! I feel so lucky to be able to get incredible art from them. They are such a pleasure to work with, put so much effort and time into making sure the commission is fantastic and everything you want. Basically, they are the best. I cannot thank them enough and say how much I love working with them. Thank you!! <3


September 11 2019

Yet another gorgeous piece! Artofawang NEVER fails to produce gorgeous artwork, and I absolutely love working with them!

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